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CD Mastering / DVD Mastering
CD Remastering / DVD Remastering

GWA Media require a master copy of your digital media for media conversion. We pride ourselves at being experts for CD Remastering Brisbane DVD Remastering Brisbane. The master copy of your media can be in a format of any of the following:

  • discDVD
  • discCD
  • discDigital Betacam
  • discSP Betacam
  • discDVCAM
  • discMini DV
  • discHi8
  • discS/vhs
  • discVideo 8
  • discVhs/c
  • discVhs
  • discAudio Cassette Tape
  • discCompactFlash (CF) Memory Card
  • discFlash ATA Memory Card
  • discMultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • discSecure Digital (SD) Memory Card

Note: Please contact us if there is a format not listed above as we may be able to supply this service. We take pride in our CD Remastering Brisbane DVD Remastering Brisbane.

CD / DVD / Blu-ray Artwork

When preparing your artwork for printing on the face of the CD, DVD or Blu-ray, the dimensions of your artwork needs to be greater than 117mm but not more than 120mm wide and should be in the shape of a square.

Artwork should be supplied in any of the following formats:

  • discPDF
  • discPSD
  • discJPEG
  • discTIF
  • discEPS
  • discAI
  • discINDD
  • discQXD

Note: Image resolution should be 300dpi or above. Your artwork will be checked to make sure it is suitable for printing.

CD / DVD / Blu-ray Paper Items

The printed items that are available through GWA Media include CD and DVD Booklets, Inlay Cards and slicks.

Below is a summary of items we can supply and the requirements.

    CD / DVD / Blu-ray Booklets

  • disc2 Page Booklets
  • disc4 Page Booklets
  • disc6 Page Booklets
  • disc8 Page Booklets

  • discInlay Cards
  • discJ Cards
  • CD Remastering Brisbane DVD Remastering BrisbaneDVD Slicks

Note: Other Page Booklets are available on request.

CD Remastering Brisbane DVD Remastering Brisbane.

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