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In addition to the printing of the face of DVD/CD’s, GWA Media also supply the paper parts and cases that may be required with your finished duplication. This is known as CD Printing Brisbane DVD Printing Brisbane and CD Labelling DVD Labelling.

GWA Media can provide printed paper parts like Booklets for DVD or CD cases as well as cases to fit up to 6 DVD’s or folders to fit to any number required.

CD Labelling / DVD Labelling / Blu-ray Labelling

GWA Media offer a full range of services which include:

  • discPrinting / Labelling – Inlay cards
  • discPrinting / Labelling – Booklets for DVD and CD Cases
  • discPrinting / Labelling – J Cards
  • discPrinting / Labelling – Disc Spines
  • discPrinting / Labelling – Disc Face
  • discPrinting / Labelling – CD/DVD/Blu-ray Sleeves
  • discCases to fit from 1 to 6 DVD’s
  • discJewel cases
  • discMailer cases
  • discSuper clear cases
  • discSlimline cases
  • discCD/DVD/Blu-ray Cases available in many colours
  • discFolders to fit to any number of DVD’s or CD’s as required

CD Printing Brisbane DVD Printing Brisbane.

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