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GWA Media provide packaging for all your multimedia projects. From CD Packaging Brisbane DVD Packaging Brisbane or even Blu-ray Packaging. This also includes creating custom CD/DVD/Blu-ray packaging design and organising CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplication and printing.

GWA Media has developed a range of CD/DVD/Blu-ray packaging solutions for the DVD-ROM and DVD-Video market. These are designed according to the client’s needs and whilst many are ideal for DVD retail and DVD promotions, others are designed specifically for high visual impact. Generally we have sorted these into Standard and Creative packaging solutions.

However in recent years, as people require more environmentally friendly solutions, we have worked with our clients to deliver card based DVD packaging solutions using paper from sustainable forests. This has been accompanied by a continued requirement for innovative DVD packaging.

GWA Media has every type of CD Packaging, DVD Packaging and Blu-ray Packaging you might need to get your job done right. We have a full range of DVD packaging like:

  • discJewel Cases
  • discDVD boxes
  • discDisc Shells
  • discMailers

All are available in ways that protect your discs, make them lighter to ship or make your artwork stand out. Many of our customers are making the switch from bulky, breakable jewel cases to more versatile and durable disc shells.

The CD mailer is a durable one-piece plastic CD case, constructed of durable polypropylene that is a fraction of the thickness and weight of the standard jewel case. Mailers are impact-resistant, allowing added disc protection during shipping that jewel cases and paper sleeves don’t provide.

CD Packaging Brisbane DVD Packaging Brisbane.

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