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CD Duplication / DVD Duplication / Blu-ray Duplication

Duplication is the standard method when quantities of 1 to 10,000 disc’s are produced. The original disc is placed in a reader which then copies the data onto a hard drive. The master is ejected and blank discs are then loaded into the system. Your data is burned (transferred) to the blank discs. This process is generally referred to as CD Duplication Brisbane DVD Duplication Brisbane.

The information is verified and the copy then accepted or rejected. Because disc burn speed has increased greatly over the years, it is now possible to duplicate large quantities of DVD’s in a very short time.

CD Replication / DVD Replication / Blu-ray Replication

Replication is the method used to produce mass quantities (over 1,000 for DVD’s and 500 for CD’s). A “glass master” of your original is made which in turn “stamps” the data onto blank media. The disc is then printed and lacquered for protection. Replication generally takes a much longer time than duplication because of the necessary added steps which can add 7 days to complete.

Another factor is that a “clean room” environment must be maintained for proper “Mastering”. The slightest piece of lint, dirt, etc. can flaw the master, with the defect carried over to the stamped copies.

What Is CD Replication and DVD Replication?

CD Replication and DVD Replication is the process of recording an ‘image’ of an existing DVD or CD, and replicating the contents of the DVD or CD onto another DVD or CD. By this process of CD/DVD replication or CD/DVD duplication; you are able to make multiple copies of the same DVD or CD from distribution how you see fit.

There is no difference between CD Duplication / DVD Duplication and CD Replication / DVD Replication except for a slight compatibility issue between the two processes. A replicated disc will work on all DVD players and computer drives. A duplicated disc will work on players that will read a DVD-R disc. Almost all modern set-top players and computers can play this format. In short, there is VERY LITTLE difference between a duplicated or replicated disc. If you have menus, chapters, alternate sound tracks, extras, etc. on your original, it will be on the the new disc regardless of how it was copied. Most companies are now using duplicated disc’s instead of replicated ones because of the cost and time saved by this process and the ever decreasing compatibility issue.

GWA Media offers services in the CD Duplication Brisbane DVD Duplication Brisbane or replication of master copy DVD’s and CD’s. Whether you require 20 to 20,000 copies, we are able to cater for all levels of supply needs.

Our CD Replication / DVD Replication and CD Duplication Brisbane DVD Duplication services allow for 100% accurate copies of the Master DVD or CD to be made at an affordable price. Please feel free to contact GWA Media for a free, no obligation quote on the number of DVD’s or CD’s you would like to have duplicated.

CD Duplication Brisbane DVD Duplication Brisbane.

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