Duplication / Replication

Our duplication and replication services allow for 100% accurate copies of the Master Disc to be made at an affordable price.

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Printing / Labelling

We offer full colour Disc Face Printing and labelling, including inlay cards, J cards, booklets, sleeves, spines and more.

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We have every type of CD packaging, DVD packaging and Blu-ray packaging you might need to get your job done right.

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Welcome to GWA Media

GWA Media have been involved in the audio/video industry since 1982 and started GWA Media in 1987. GWA Media were originally involved in filming sporting events, weddings, the ballet, etc. and then moved into video presentations. In the mid 1990's when cameras moved to Digital, GWA Media started duplicating vhs and then in 1997 started CD duplication. Within 4 years of operating, GWA Media had included DVD duplication as well. GWA Media now focus mainly on the duplication and replication of CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray. Most of our customers are mid to large size companies, musicians, marketing companies and people wanting remastering.

GWA Media provides services in DVD, Blu-ray and CD Duplication or Replication, full colour disc face DVD, Blu-ray and CD printing, slicks for DVD cases, colour booklets, inlay cards, J cards, card sleeves, business card sized DVD's & CD's and a large range of cases. We also specialise in the remastering of media to either DVD or CD.

GWA Media are based in Brisbane, Queensland and service all areas of Australia including: Sydney and all of New South Wales, Melbourne and all of Victoria, Canberra, Cairns, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Mount Isa, Lismore, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth, Stanthorpe and everywhere in between.

GWA Media are suppliers of DVD and CD Duplication services for businesses such as movie distribution and music distribution companies, marketing companies and advertising companies, musicians, universities, colleges and TAFE's, schools, wedding filming companies, medical research institutions, the general public and many, many more.